Digital Projects at UNF

Professors Laura Heffernan (English), Anne Pfister (Anthropology) and Clayton McCarl (Spanish) would like to propose a session to discuss their work on a variety of recent and ongoing digital projects at the University of North Florida. They will be joined by a group of  students and recent alumni who are involved in these endeavors.

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About Clayton McCarl

I am associate professor of Spanish and director (effective May 1, 2016) of International Studies at the University of North Florida. My research centers on colonial Latin America and the textual products of the Early Modern maritime world. I serve as interim chair of the UNF Digital Humanities Initiative ( and as director/general editor of coloniaLab (, a collaborative workshop for the edition of colonial-era texts based at UNF.

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  1. Helene Huet says:

    This is great. I love hearing about the various DH projects going on in different places. It’s inspiring and enables me to learn so much.

  2. Looking forward to it!!

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