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Well, That Didn’t Work.… Failure as Learning Process

Proposed Talk Session: Is there room for failure in digital humanities? Of course! But most people don’t advertise their failures. This proposed talk session provides an opportunity for a community of fellow travelers to share turning points that could not … Continue reading

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Innovation on the Open Frontier: Digital Humanities in an Age of Liminality

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about digital humanities is the expansiveness of the field. It has no single definition, no limitations on what it is and isn’t. The possibilities within the field are limitless, but its liminality – its existence … Continue reading

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Mobile Digital Humanities

Last year, more than 50% of all internet traffic took place within mobile devices. How should the DH community respond to this ongoing shift to mobile-computing? How does it impact our teaching/research goals? How should we define a “mobile” technology? How can such … Continue reading

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Teaching Digital Archiving Principles and Methods to Undergraduates

According to Matthew G. Kirschenbaum and Doug Reside, “The ‘challenge’ of the born digital is thus at least as much  social as it is technological.  New textual forms require new  work habits, new training, new tools, new practices, and new instincts.” … Continue reading

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